Saturday, October 19, 2013

About Me

I am a student of theology in Catholic Distance University's bachelors of theology program. I am a Catholic of the Ordinariate Use of the Latin/Roman Rite, as well as being an altar server in the Extraordinary Form on Wednesday nights (along with attending the Ordinary Form at a local Latin Rite parish due to the distance I live from my Ordinariate one). I am still learning theology and am far from completing my studies, so I apologize for anything on this blog that may not be "quite right" - mistakes were not intended and anything that might accidentally contradict something the Church has taught infallibly has been done by me in error and I ascend to the Magisterium's teaching in all regards. Having said this, I am a full believer in the infallible teachings of the Church - including (but not limited to) that which was pronounced at the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council. Seeing as how this Council, and any discussions on theology and liturgy are highly combative and emotional at times, I have disabled all comments for this blog.

Once again, I am not writing these things to change the Church's teachings, but to share what I have been learning so as to assist in some small way in the New Evangelization, as well as in true ecumenism. I do not wish to use this blog to complain, ridicule, or dismiss particular things found in the Church today, except for any false interpretations of her teachings - hence, the blog address "No Rupture." This is a play on Benedict XVI's statement that the Second Vatican Council must been seen through a "hermeneutic of continuity" instead of a "hermeneutic of rupture and discontinuity." So, I don't wish for this blog to be a sort of "I wish Vatican II never existed," or "The Novus Ordo is not a valid Mass," kind of blog. Far from these thoughts, I only wish to explore the great depth of the Church's teaching throughout her history so that I may be blessed by learning the teachings of the Church, not only through a hermeneutic of continuity, but also through its proper development of doctrine.

In the past, I've had blogs that morphed into a way that I could wag my finger at everything everyone ELSE was doing "wrong" and those blogs rightfully so have petered out; I was always too quick to say what Catholics should be saying or doing. I would like to think that, through God's good graces, I have begun to mature a little in my faith, instead seeing what I myself should be doing instead and that through my life, perhaps the Lord can use me as an instrument in his sacred, wounded, venerable hands. It is my hope that this particular blog may be (God-willing) only a channel for passing on what I have been given, so that I write not what I particularly want to see (although I admit I see through a certain kind of filter), but that I may write what history and the Church have passed on to us so that I may share it with others. You received without pay, give without pay (Mat. 10:8). Not everything will be of my origin, since there are countless apologists, saints, popes, and theologians of whom I could never compare; they can say things so much better than I, so I will let them do all the talking. Lastly, sometimes I'll just post a beautiful picture of a church or of the liturgy being celebrated somewhere - sometimes a picture is truly worth a thousand words. I'd also like to branch out a bit and start writing prayers, reflections, and perhaps even poems and short works of fiction. All of these will be influenced by what I have been learning, of course, but I'd like to push myself to be creative again and not always write non-fiction and theological lectures.

I wish to entrust this blog to the patron saint of theologians, St. Thomas Aquinas, that through his intercession I may be able to explore the depths of the faith through the eyes of the Church. Angelic Doctor, pray for me!

Lastly, I cannot emphasize enough the impact Benedict XVI has made on the formation of my faith, especially since he was the Pope during my conversion and was therefore my first exposure to the papacy "as an insider". I have an unshakable desire to read everything of his that I can; may I learn from this saintly man and use his gifts to get closer to God and my fellow man.

Let us learn together and may God grant us the graces we need to grow as Christ's disciples so that we, out of our love for Him and for one another, may be One Body in Christ, our Lord.

I also run a blog that catalogs my struggles with weight. If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at edwardswyco [at] gmail [dot] com. As a reminder, I am not interested in debating or arguing, but if you wish to contact me in brotherhood and peace, I have no problem with that.