Friday, October 3, 2014

Current Reading List

I have a ton of books, all collecting dust; I'm forcing myself to read them. I want to read them, but always find excuses to not; even if I can only read a page's worth in a day, I still want to make it a point to pick up a book every day, even for a moment or two.

Right now I've devised a daily reading plan and so far it's worked (it's only been a week, though). I hope to follow a plan like this - reading a different book each night - in order to work my way through several books at once (which helps keep things fresh night-to-night).

Here's my current reading list...

Monday: A History of the American Episcopal Church (1935 edition)
Tuesday: The Oxford Guide to the Book of Common Prayer
Wednesday: Baptist Successionism: A Crucial Question in Baptist History
Thursday: Strangers to the City: Reflections on the Beliefs and Values of the Rule of Saint Benedict
Friday: Jesus of Nazareth: From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration
Weekends: Kateri Tekakwitha

Not to be gross or give out too much information, but I also have a "bathroom book": What to Do When Jesus Is Hungry: A Practical Guide to the Works of Mercy

As each book finishes, I'll add another book. Next time, I want to try to have my weekends be a fictional book, like a literary classic or something, and I want at least one of my daily books to be an inspirational writing of a Church Father or a saint or something that will help me live a more faithful Catholic life. Wish me luck!