Monday, August 10, 2015

Making Some Changes

I want to improve my life spiritually and physically. I've read so much lately on how God wants us to take care of ourselves and not abuse our bodies, these temples of the Holy Spirit; therefore, I desperately want to lose the weight and keep it off, as well as develop a closer relationship with the Lord.

I love the Ordinariate, but perhaps this isn't the best time for me to be an active participant in it, since I've only gone to two or three Ordinariate Masses in three years; I mainly attend the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite. And, due to the mindless variety of innovations found in the OF, I am VERY much thinking about traveling the 40 minutes to a parish that offers the 1962 Books exclusively. I don't prefer to do that, but it's my only option of not being tortured by the liturgy.

Whenever I attend the OF when I visit my parents, it is an occasion of great joy and love. The liturgy is offered with such reverence, respect, and devotion and I ask for God's blessings on that faith-filled, welcoming, charitable, and active community! I truly wish I lived close to that parish, for I'd be 'at home'. But for reasons too lengthy to go into at this time, I'm fairly convinced that I'm going to start attending the EF on Sundays whenever I am not traveling or visiting my parents. I've also chosen to attempt to pray the Daily Office according to the 62 Books. While I'll be following that Form's liturgical calendar, it is not as a rejection of the updated calendar (I pray for a reconciliation of the two, even if it means just gaining permission from Ecclesia Dei to offer "modern day" saints on Feria days). I will still enjoy reading about the Saint of the Day and praying the Collects for the daily saints, as is my daily custom; it's just that now I need to make sure I check to see the Collect for the EF, as well. Perhaps, so as not to forget my participation in the Ordinariate, I should pray the Collect for the Week from the Book of Divine Worship, as well; perhaps before bed. I'll play it all by ear.

In the past, I was choosing the EF as a rejection of the OF - thanks to being in the Ordinariate and knowing people in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and The Way, I can respect that the Holy Spirit is calling people to communion, but not all in the same way. I still believe my home is in the Ordinariate, but being over an hour away from the parish, I am unable to attend as often as I hoped.

Following the 1962 Books, if I am correct, I believe we are asked to live it out according to the norms at the time, which means always having meatless Fridays, fasting the 40 days of Lent, fasting on the vigils of certain Solemnities, Holy days aren't moved and must be celebrated on the day of (or the vigil, if available), fasting on the Ember and Rogation days, etc. I will give it a try - perhaps this is actually what I have been craving; a more fruitful way of participating in the life of the Church.

As for my weekday calendar, this is what I am attempting to do as of today:

5am - Rise, etc.
6:30am - Mass (OF)
7am - Work
11am - Go to gym
12:30pm - Back from gym
4:30pm - Leave work
5pm - Adoration
6:30pm - Home (Tues, OA @ 7pm)

Scattered throughout this schedule, I shall find opportunities to pray:
The Angelus, Daily Office, Daily Consecration (MI), Bethlehem Prayer
Divine Mercy chaplet, Holy Rosary

As for the weekend, that's all up in the air because I don't have the structure of a work day to work around - it is indeed possible to get to the gym in the morning, then Mass, and then Adoration all before 10am! So, I'll have to see how it goes - let's see if I can get through ONE day of this, let alone seven!

The idea is to not overload myself - if things get "too busy" or too formulaic, I will back off of some stuff. At a minimum, I want to go to daily Mass and daily Adoration; everything else is cake. This is all because I long for the Lord and cannot make any changes to my lifestyle without him. I am powerless and turn over my life to him that he may remove from me the defects that prevent me from losing weight and from following him faithfully.