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Catholic Scripture Lessons (Mp3s)

The Church has always venerated the divine Scriptures just as she venerates the body of the Lord, since, especially in the sacred liturgy, she unceasingly receives and offers to the faithful the bread of life from the table both of God's word and of Christ's body. She has always maintained them, and continues to do so, together with sacred tradition, as the supreme rule of faith, since, as inspired by God and committed once and for all to writing, they impart the word of God Himself without change, and make the voice of the Holy Spirit resound in the words of the prophets and Apostles. Therefore, like the Christian religion itself, all the preaching of the Church must be nourished and regulated by Sacred Scripture. For in the sacred books, the Father who is in heaven meets His children with great love and speaks with them; and the force and power in the word of God is so great that it stands as the support and energy of the Church, the strength of faith for her sons, the food of the soul, the pure and everlasting source of spiritual life. Consequently these words are perfectly applicable to Sacred Scripture: "For the word of God is living and active" (Heb. 4:12) and "it has power to build you up and give you your heritage among all those who are sanctified" (Acts 20:32; see 1 Thess. 2:13).
--- Dei Verbum, the dogmatic constitution on Divine Revelation

Inside the Bible: Fr. Kenneth Baker, S.J. presents all 72 books of the Bible in a seamless and magisterial narrative. Outlining each book, he shows how Sacred Scripture reveals God’s Mind to us: who we are; why the world is here; and what God wants us to do to reach the fullness of our humanity. He reveals how the story of Israel is also our story as individuals.
Adventures in Exodus: Tim Gray hosts this 10 part Bible Study: Adventures in Exodus. These programs look through the lens of Christ and the Church to show that God desired to free His people from the tyranny of sin.
Living the Scriptures: "Be doers of the Word and not hearers only deceiving yourselves." Mother Angelica explains how to fulfill this command of Scripture.
Luke: Meek Scribe of Christ: Exegesis of the Gospel of Luke by Dr. Timothy O’Donnell
Old Testament Prophets: Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. brings a scholarly and linguistic approach to the prophets of Israel – those seers and messengers who said that faith in God was a matter of life or death. He places the prophets in their historical context.
The Beatitudes: Fr. Andrew Apostoli examines the Beatitudes and their application in our daily lives.
God's Story: The Bible And Lives Of The Saints
In the Footsteps of St. Paul: Fr. Mitch Pacwa takes us on a tour of the travels of St. Paul.
Our Father's Plan: Want to learn the key to reading the Bible and understanding the big picture of Our Father’s plan for His creation? Hosts Scott Hahn and Jeff Cavins provide an overview of the Bible’s external structure before delving into its rich content.
Our Lady in Scripture & Tradition: Fr. Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. reflects on the Marian mysteries, her Divine Son, and the Church and how the three can not be separated. Learn about Marian doctrines through the Bible, the Early Church Fathers, and the great saints’ love for the Mother of God
Proverbs: A Blueprint For Living Fr. Mitch Pacwa shows how this Old Testament book can help us navigate through life safely and close to God.
Purgatory: The Dogma Explored The Church has always offered prayers for souls receiving final purification that they may attain the beatific vision of God. Join Fr. Clement Machado for an exploration of the tradition and doctrine of Purgatory.
St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians: Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. goes through the Epistle to the Ephesians, explaining the significance of each verse to Christians today.
The Biblical Story of the Mass: Prefigured in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New, the biblical story of the Mass spans the breadth of Scripture and beyond. What Jesus began on Calvary culminated in everlasting glory in the heavenly sanctuary, and is made present on earth every time Catholics celebrate and partake of our Eucharistic Lord in the Sacrifice of the Mass. Join Father Wade Menezes and EWTN Theology Advisor Tom Nash as they explore “The Biblical Story of the Mass.”
The Seeds of Abraham: Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ discusses Abraham through Moses
The Word Was Made Flesh: Fr. Andrew Apostoli, CFR, gives an impassioned meditation on the Scriptural work that St. Clement of Alexandria called the "Spiritual Gospel." In The Word Was Made Flesh series, viewers gather the categorical distinction between John's Gospel and the earlier composed Synoptics. According to St. Clement, "Seeing that the other gospel accounts set forth only the material story, John, the last of all, entreated by his familiar friends and divinely upheld by the Spirit, wrote the Spiritual Gospel. No one can fully understand this Gospel until they have leaned upon the heart of Christ like the Beloved Disciple at the Last Supper and stood at the foot of the cross, next to his Blessed Mother!" Hence the privileged position of St. John has yielded an eye-witness account unlike any other. Written after 90 AD, much theological reflection and insight were infused into the soul of the text to produce a timeless classic of divine inspiration.
Who Do You Say I Am? Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J. uses Biblical teaching to dissect the New Age Movement and expose its flaws, faults and deceptions.

Collection from the Institute of Catholic Culture (updated often)
Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes: Preparing for the Messiah
A Great Cloud of Witnesses: A Study of the Epistle to the Hebrews
Swords and Serpents: A Study of Salvation History
Feasts of the Jews: Understanding the Jewish Festal Cycle and its Fulfillment in Christ
The Revolt of the Maccabees: Restoring the Throne of God
Joseph, Joshua and Jesus: Saving the People of God
Feasts of the Jews: Understanding the Jewish Festal Cycle and its Fulfillment in Christ
Journey of Faith: A Study of the Life of Abraham
Revelation: An Introduction to the Study of Sacred Scripture
On the Eighth Day: Appearances of the Resurrected Christ
Eden to Eden: A Study of Salvation History
Rejoice in the Lord: Gaudete Sunday with the ICC
Slaughter of the Innocents: Yesterday and Today
Salvation is from the Jews
Crushing the Serpent: A Study of the Book of Esther
The Epic of Gilgamesh and Noah’s Flood: Fact or Fiction?
Genesis: In the Beginning
Salvation History Bible Study: Learn How to Read the Bible as One Book
Eden to Eden: The Garden, The Temple and the Catholic Church
Shadows of the Virgin: Holy Women in the Old Testament
Dei Verbum: Keys to Understanding the Word of God
Forming Sacred Scripture: Understanding How the Bible Came to Be
Pillar of Salt: The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah
Sing to the Lord a New Song: An Advent Journey Through the Psalms
Weeping Over Jerusalem: The Lamentations of Jeremiah
Visions of God: The Story of the Minor Prophets
Suffering with God: Job and the Attacks of the Evil One
Shadows of the Messiah: Prophecies of the Coming Christ
My Soul Magnifies the Lord: A Study of the Feast of the Visitation
Riding on the Clouds of Heaven: A Study of the Second Coming
Heaven and Earth: A Study of the Creation Narrative
The Real Presence of Christ: Saint John’s Book of Signs
The Gospel of St. John
Christ in the Cosmos: St. John’s Book of Glory
Partakers of the Divine Nature: A Study of St. Peter’s Epistles
Proclaiming the Kingdom: A Study of the Gospel of St. Matthew
The Apocalypse of St. John: Understanding the Book of Revelation
The Bible and the Qur’an: Can They Both Be Right?
The Mystery of Marriage: Saint Paul and the Covenant
Faith Alone? A Catholic Perspective on St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans
The Armor of God: St. Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians
Saint Paul’s Galatians: Are You Saved?
The Gospel of Matthew: The Life of the Son of God
Christ the Lord: A Study of Saint Luke’s Infancy Narrative
That Your Joy May be Full: A Study of the Epistles of St. John
An Introduction to Saint Paul
The Acts of the Apostles Bible Study
The Lamb of God: Understanding the Sacrifice of Christ
The Passion of the Christ: A Biblical Tour of Jerusalem’s Way of the Cross
Who is the King of Glory? A Biblical Study of the Ascension of Christ
Tongues of Fire: The Feast of Pentecost in Sacred Scripture with Compline
Living Bread: A Defense of Christ’s Presence in the Eucharist
Theophany: A Biblical Study on the Baptism of the Lord
Light of the World: A Study of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount
Driving Out Demons: Christ’s Ministry on the Sea of Galilee
Jubilee of Mercy: Finding Freedom from Spiritual Bondage
Call No Man Father: A Biblical Study of the Catholic Priesthood
Shadows of the Rosary: A Pilgrimage Study of the Mysteries of the Rosary
Defending the Faith: Biblical Apologetics
St. Paul: The Sabbath or Sunday
The Mark of the Beast: Who Will Really Be Left Behind
Feasting with Scripture: A Study of the Sacred Foods of the Bible
The Council of Trent, the Reformation and the Mass
The Holy Mysteries: Sacraments in Sacred Scripture
The Time is Fulfilled: A Study of the Gospel of St. Mark
Not by Bread Alone: A Study of the Sacred Foods of the Bible II
Born Again? Entering the Kingdom of God

Michael Voris' One True Faith podcast, select mp3s
The Book of Revelation
Is That in the Bible?
Eucharist: The Real Presence
Where Did the Bible Come From?
When I Am Lifted Up
Eat My Flesh
The Lord's Supper
Paul & the Eucharist
The Eucharist & the Second Coming
The Lamb of God
Breaking of the Bread
Peter and the Eucharist
My Lord and My God
Bread and Wine
Judas and the Eucharist
Mary and the Eucharist
Eucharistic Miracles
Bless Me, Father, For I Have Sinned
Genesis, John, and Revelation

Bible Christian Society
Apologetics for the Scripturally-Challenged: Basic apologetics strategies and techniques.
Apostolic Authority and the Pope: Biblical support for Pope and Apostolic Authority
Baptist Minister Becomes Priest: This is the conversion story of Fr. Gray Bean.
Catholics and the Bible: What the Church teaches regarding Biblical study and interpretation
Does God Want Everyone to Be Catholic? Subtitle: Evangelization: Why and How?
Genesis and Evolution: What Do Catholics Believe? What does the Church teach -- and what can Catholics believe -- about Genesis and evolution?
Infant Baptism and Original Sin: How to defend the Church's teachings regarding Infant Baptism and Original Sin from the Bible.
Introduction to Apologetics: Prepare to discuss, defend, and share our Faith
Living the Word of God to Bring Justice and Peace (The Good Samaritan)
Marriage & the Eucharist: The Two Shall Become One: Explore the parallels between these two sacraments
Mary & the Bible; plus Purgatory & the Bible: Learn the Biblical foundations to many Marian teachings of the Church
My Conversion Story: John's personal journey of Faith
Once Saved, Always Saved? Learn how to defend against this false and dangerous doctrine
One Church: What the Bible says about the one true Church founded by Jesus
Sola Fide - Salvation By Faith Alone? Using the Bible Alone to refute Salvation by Faith Alone
Sola Fide - Part 2: A new perspective on Sola Fide: Salvation by Faith Alone
Sola Scriptura - The Bible Alone? Does the Bible support "The Bible Alone"?
Sola Scriptura - Part 2: A new perspective on the Protestant doctrine of The Bible Alone
The Communion of Saints: Biblical foundations and explanations to common questions
The Rapture and the Bible: What will really happen on "The Last Day"
The Sacraments and the Bible: The Biblical foundations for three Sacraments
Two-Minute Apologetics: 19 different topics in short Q&A format.
Was Hitler Right? This is an apologetic aimed at atheists and social liberals.
Which Came First, the Church or the Bible? Discussion of the Bible and how it was authored by the Church

We see clearly, then, how important it is for the People of God to be properly taught and trained to approach the sacred Scriptures in relation to the Church’s living Tradition, and to recognize in them the very word of God. Fostering such an approach in the faithful is very important from the standpoint of the spiritual life...In short, by the work of the Holy Spirit and under the guidance of the magisterium, the Church hands on to every generation all that has been revealed in Christ. The Church lives in the certainty that her Lord, who spoke in the past, continues today to communicate his word in her living Tradition and in sacred Scripture. Indeed, the word of God is given to us in sacred Scripture as an inspired testimony to revelation; together with the Church’s living Tradition, it constitutes the supreme rule of faith.
--- Verbum Domini, The Word of God in the Life & Mission of the Church