Wednesday, June 22, 2016


America is a strange place. We have some people who are convinced that a woman's chest is no different from a man's chest and want the "right" to walk around topless like men do; then we have people who are so puritan that the moment a mother tries to breastfeed her child in public, she's berated and shamed as if she was caught filming a porn in a convent.

Let's get a grip (no pun intended).

I agree with the "free the nipple" crowd in this one sense: breasts were made for feeding children. Their opinion is that breasts "are just skin" and that "men have them, too". They believe that breasts have been over-sexualized by our society (true - which is why women with no health issues, like cancer, voluntarily choose to get implants). These supporters of public nudity are correct in that way, but only in that way. This is because a woman's chest is different than a man's chest; websites aren't making billions from showing topless men, are they? Topless male protesters don't get all the news headlines, do they? Because we knew a woman's chest is different and "changing society" isn't going to change that biological fact: men like boobies.

However, on the other side of the same extreme coin, we have the puritans of America (and probably some in Europe) who shriek at the image of a mother breastfeeding her child. At one point in art history, the Virgin Mary was portrayed breastfeeding our saviour - yes, Jesus was breastfed. When I was in Costa Rica, on two separate occasions women we were talking with just whipped out a breast and started to feed their child as if it was nothing - and my ex and her friends would laugh when I would stare at the floor or look at the ceiling - they couldn't figure out why it was a big deal. Yes, it's a bit unusual for Americans, but it's natural throughout the world. Most of the world is poor; most of the world is not buying formula - you are breastfed. But in the US, if a woman dares to breastfeed in public, she is harassed and shamed; America is truly becoming an anti-family place. The most feminine thing a woman can do is have a child; this marvelous miracle of nature is compounded by the fact that God also allowed women to feed their children with their bodies. But recently when a woman at a casual restaurant started to breastfeed her child, a man (caught on a cell phone) berated her, even calling her a WHORE! Are you kidding me?

This insanity has to stop - on both sides. No, you shouldn't be walking around topless (neither should men, but that's another posting). A woman's chest is different from a man's and both men and women need to show more modesty. However, a woman's chest was MADE for feeding her child and if we want to be a pro-life people, a pro-family people, and if we truly want to celebrate real feminism, then we must support women who want to feed their child in peace - not hiding in a dirty bathroom, not hiding in their homes or under blankets, but in showing them and their children the respect and dignity they deserve by not making a big deal about it, but in letting nature take its course and letting that child eat in peace in the loving and tender arms of his or her mother.