Sunday, July 24, 2016

And What Holiday Might That Be?

The marketing agents for Western companies are so opposed to offending people and are so dedicated to ignoring their Christian history - it makes my head spin. Every December we get to see commercials filled with jingle bells, Christmas trees, gifts being exchanged, houses decorated in Christmas lights, Santa Claus, reindeer...and then they say "Happy Holidays." And which holiday might that be? Or an even bigger insult, "Our Winter Event..."

I understand - and am sympathetic - towards the fact that there are others in the West who aren't Christians and others who aren't religious at all, but Christians continue to give up ground (again, I attribute this to our divisions). First we lost Halloween and now they are nearly done stealing Christmas away. I am fine with telling someone, "Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays," but I will never leave it at just "Happy Holidays." If I believe Jesus Christ is Lord and that he reigns now and forever, then I'm not going to deny that - I want to share that with everyone.

What made me finally complain is when I saw a Stella Artois commercial the other day; the beer was named after the Christmas star. The commercial stated, "Originally brewed to celebrate the holidays..." and one of the commercials showed the brewer noticing a shooting star - no, it wasn't a shooting star, but the Christmas Star.