Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Prayer for Fallen-Away Catholics to Come Home

After hearing about yet another person who used to be Catholic, but is now much happier as a Protestant, I couldn't help but feel moved by the Spirit to write a quick prayer for people such as this:

O Lord, Divine Mercy Itself, have mercy on those fallen-away Catholics that have left full communion; perhaps they've become Protestant, or schismatic, or left Christianity altogether. Please look into their hearts and forgive them, for surely they know not what they do, for had they learned of the great truth, depth, mercy, joy, love, hope, and beauty that is the Catholic faith, nothing in this world or the next could have ever moved them from the safety of her bosom. Please unite your Church and give peace and reconciliation to those whom have left. May we who are still faithful to the Church embrace those who left, always giving a warm welcome to our brothers and sisters. Open their hearts, and ours, that we may be one just as you prayed. All of this we pray in Jesus Christ's name, through Our Blessed Mother's intercession. Amen.