Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Vote for Joe Schriner

The Democrats are the party of abortion and slavery; the Republicans are the party of war and corporate handouts. But third parties are mainly a waste of time; I've learned that first-hand - most states make it impossible to even appear on the ballot.

NJ is a blue state, which means no matter who I vote for, Hillary is winning NJ. So, if I vote for anyone else, it won't matter because anyone BUT Hillary would be a wasted vote. But I'll never vote for Hillary, a woman that should be in jail. A lady who is unqualified. A lady who is in the pocket of most of this nation's major banks and corporations. A lady who has never met an immoral stance she hasn't supported. A woman who gets an award named after the white supremacist who founded Planned Parenthood and calls the reward the greatest honor. A woman who will continue to destroy this country and base our foreign aid on which nations legalize gay "marriage", abortion, sterilization, and transgender policies.

Of course, you couldn't pay me enough to vote for Trump, the man who wants to discriminate against Muslims and Latinos, who makes fun of disabled people, who never speaks in specifics, but only generalities, who has promised to expand torture, who has promised to commit war crimes, who has promised to increase the amount of nations with nuclear weapons, who has mismanaged his corporate money enough to go bankrupt several times but insists he'll make the right economic decisions as president, and who has suggested the suspension of several Constitutional rights to the thunderous applaud of his supporters.

So, since I consider myself "whole life" instead of just pro-life, I have found a "whole life" candidate I can support: Joe Schriner. Yes, it's a "wasted vote", but it's a vote I can live with. He's a "whole life" candidate, thoroughly motivated by his devout Catholic faith, and he continues the Catholic belief that government is there to protect people's dignity and allow them to be truly free to worship God and live without attacks to their rights, freedom, or dignity; as the Catechism teaches, "[Government authority] is necessary for the unity of the state. Its role is to ensure as far as possible the common good of the society...Authority is exercised legitimately only when it seeks the common good of the group concerned and if it employs morally licit means to attain it. If rulers were to enact unjust laws or take measures contrary to the moral order, such arrangements would not be binding in conscience. In such a case, authority breaks down completely and results in shameful abuse...The common good concerns the life of all. It calls for prudence from each, and even more from those who exercise the office of authority. It consists of three essential elements: First, the common good presupposes respect for the person as such...Second, the common good requires the social well-being and development of the group itself...Finally, the common good requires peace, that is, the stability and security of a just order....The common good is always oriented towards the progress of persons: "The order of things must be subordinate to the order of persons, and not the other way around." This order is founded on truth, built up in justice, and animated by love."

His positions show him as a true candidate of social justice, from conception until natural death, which would best institute policies for the common good and in a Christian light.

So, that's that. I'll write his name in on the ballot on Election Day. True, it won't make a difference because Hillary will win NJ, and he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning, but at least I won't be cooperating with evil or voting against my conscience. And God help America, because whoever wins this year, we're going to be in deep [blank].