Monday, August 22, 2016

America the Broken

I love my country, but I’m starting to get sick and tired of the hypocrisy in this land. First off, we have the largest incarcerated population in the world – more than in China – and with each passing day, there are more laws to take away our rights or tax the Middle Class into oblivion, so “the land of the free” we are not, at this time in our history. Secondly, the way Americans reacted when Gabby Douglas didn’t put her hand over her heart during the anthem, or the way we fawned over the pole vaulter stopping in mid-run to stand at attention for our anthem, is ridiculous – it is the heresy of Americanism at its best. We are the world’s leading distributor of pornography. Our mainstream movies are some of the most violent ever made. We force other countries to legalize abortion, contraception, euthanasia, homosexual “marriage”, and now transgender “rights”, else they not get food, medicine, or money to help build schools and water treatment plants. American Protestant missionaries, instead of taking advantage of our nation’s wealth and some of our Christian desire to convert the nations to Christ, will send countless missionaries to Catholic countries instead of to the nations of those who haven’t heard the Gospel yet; in doing so, sowing seeds of discontent, confusion, and sometimes even anger and violence – lands which once praised Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and had towns named after saints now have mobs of iconoclast Protestants smashing statues, screaming that the Pope is the antichrist, and slandering the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We operate the world’s largest military network, possibly in world history no less, having 662 bases in 38 different countries, all to keep the world safe (and yet the world has never been in more chaos) as we fund and arm radicals to keep civil wars going and kill countless civilians with drone strikes. We waste the most food. We use the most energy. We have the largest homes. Our materialism keeps industrial and agricultural slavery alive in the US and around the world. We continue to abort and contracept ourselves into a demographic winter, and then get upset when our government asks immigrants to help fill in all the empty spaces left by our selfish indifference. Our thirst for narcotics keeps the drug war going. Our children are committing suicide, murder, and rape. Boyfriends are killing girlfriends after breakups; husbands are killing their wives and children after divorces (and wives aren’t immune to doing this, either). Every day there’s another article about a married teacher – usually a woman – having sex with multiple students who are barely teenagers. We have an entire political party promising to discriminate against an entire race, as well as an entire religion; we have another political party dedicated to the culture of death to such extremes that it would rather die than to let go of abortion and the homosexual agenda. Most of the African-American communities in the US is forgotten about, having to live with a lack of education, economic opportunities, the destruction of their families, and unspeakable violence in their neighborhoods – and when they can’t take it anymore, when they’ve seen yet another one of their children die at the hands of gangs, drug dealers, thugs, or even police officers – and they finally erupt in anger because no one has cared or noticed – then we gather around to talk about how unruly they are, those free-loading welfare recipients.

This is a broken country. We are in terrible need of conversion, but if you say anything, you’re being negative, judgmental, or mean. Instead, we’ll continue to speak in vague generalities. We’ll continue to wave our little American flags at the appropriate times. We’ll continue to sing patriotic songs at Mass when it’s Memorial Day weekend or July 4 weekend. We’ll continue to say “God bless America” at the end of every speech. All the while, our churches – Catholic and Protestant – continue to empty. Faithful Christians will continue to be spit on and fought by heretical Christians. Atheism will continue to grow. Satanic Masses in the name of “freedom of religion” will continue to be the norm; most Christians will yawn and change the channel to watch what other crazy stuff Kim and her sisters will get into this week.

I love my country, and because I love Jesus Christ more, I love my country enough to desire her conversion. And this year I refuse to vote for Clinton or Trump, because both are indicative of the sickness that is in the US right now – we think as sheep we have to elect one wolf to protect us from the other wolf. And we choose to live through the lens of whichever political party we support, instead of living by the Scriptures and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Until we embrace the Bible and the Catechism, and live to be saints and martyrs, this nation will continue to burn and Christians will only have themselves to blame.